Make Up Trends For Spring Time/2010.

1. Clear skin matte violet lips
What you need?
  • light foundation or base
  • glow baze or face illuminator in cream or fluid: Benefit moon beam, amc inglot
  • matte nude eyeshadow in beige or camel: Dior 5 colours
  • brown brow pencil: MAC, Bourjois, Revlon, Astor
  • matte lipstic in violet or magenta: very good and cheap - lip pencil by Inglot
  • translucent powder: Shiseido, Dior, Chanel, YSL
Important! In this look you don't use mascara at all.

2. "Fake smoky eyes" & matte skin, nude lips
What you need?
  • white or light beige foundation without shimmering: Bourjois, MAC, Bobby Brown
  • anti shine base and silicon base : Sephora, MAC, Chanel
  • loose powder, light colour or white loose powder : Shiseido, Kanebo
  • matte eyeshadow in grey-plum, light brown: Dior 5 Colours, Revlon Matte, Astor
  • a very good brush to blend your shadow: Everyday Minerals Kabuki Junior Brush, HR Blending Brush, Sephora blending brushes are also very good
  • the same eyeshadow you can use to contour your face
  • beige silk bare like lipstick: Inglot, Dior, Chanel, Bourjois, MAC
In this look you don't need to use maskara or blush, also you don't shaping your brows.

3. Colour or black & cresing, nude lips
What you need?
  • natural foundation
  • colorfull eyeshadow (yellow, green, red, orange, blue or black) and you use them with lipgloss (using your finger)
  • blush in pale rose colour: Dandelion by Benefit, or Bourjois
  • light brown lipstic or lipgloss: Bourjois Easy Gloss
  • loose powder with shimerring or mineral powder: Shiseido Loose Powder
4. Nude make up & matte
What you need?
  • natural looking foundation
  • contouring powder in light beige - brown color (litlle shimmering one)
  • nude lipstic
  • natural light pink, or peach blush
So conclusions are simple most needed make up must have:

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  • matte or semi matte foundation
  • nude lipstick
  • matte lipstic in orange, red, pink, or magenta
  • matte eyeshadow in beige, brown
  • translucent loose powder
And most important - have fun with new spring make up!

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